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Free Downloads

  • ApacheScout for Apache server administrators --- searches the Apache directives for what you need.

  • VB_KB for Visual Basic programmers --- searches the Microsoft Knowledge Base for what you need.

  • Amnesia for the married pornsurfer --- erases Netscape history list, and replaces with innocuous links

  • errpage for the informed webmaster --- emails copies of server error messages, with all environment variables, to the webmaster

  • Upload for the experienced perlmaster --- uploads a file from the user's computer, allowing him to post a note

  • Beginner'sDataBase for the beginner --- complete simple database tools in one script

Hey, they're free, aren't they -- - so run them at your own risk!




WebMost can do:

  • HTML

  • Graphics

  • CGI/Perl

  • SSI

  • SSL

  • VisualBasic

  • JavaScript

  • Java

  • Logs

  • Reports

  • Auto-Responders

  • Mailing Lists

  • Databases

  • Management

  • Promotion

  • -- and more !